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How our cost management process works

Make it as easy as possible!


  1. Assessment

    RCOS establishes potential cost reductions for your business, we assess the project viability and the percentage savings that can be offered.

  2. Audit

    During this procedure RCOS identifies and quantifies the actual savings. This can take between 5-10 working days and please be advised that it is not necessary for you the client to assign any staff members to this process as RCOS provides all the resources required.

  3. Report / Implementation

    RCOS will provide you with a written report detailing the calculated savings to your business. In addition to this we will also identify how you can implement the cost reductions


  • We will manage your office supplies...
  • You will manage your business...
  • But (because there's always a but) You will only pay for what you use
  • And only when you've used it

Introducing the revolutionary new way to purchase office supplies....
You only pay for what you use and only when you’ve used it.

At RCOS we offer you all of these benefits:

Zero impact on your time

We pack your supplies directly into your stationery cupboard, so you're free to get on with running your business.

Free up your cash flow

Eliminate unnecessary purchasing. Remember: with rcos, you only pay for what you use and only when you’ve used it.

Truly useful stock tracking

We manage all of your stock for you, and our reports identify what is – and what isn’t – being used, so you can continue to save.

Regular Deliveries

Daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you prefer.

The easy, guaranteed way to save time and money:
A free no obligation audit of your office supply requirements to establish your minimum and maximum stock levels.

We can either manage your existing supplies area, or supply a lockable cupboard at no extra cost.

We guarantee an immediate saving of between 5 - 20 percent - based on your preferred branded products.

For more information or to start saving today with RCOS.

Simply give us a call and we'll arrange the service.... as it should be!


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