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What we do

RCOS assist small, medium and large companies to reduce the cost of purchasing office products. We provide you with a seamless order and delivery experience on all stationery office supplies, office interiors, business machines and facilities management.

We enjoy optimum global purchasing power (over 2.5 billion per annum) through our partnership with Spicers, Europe’s leading wholesaler of office supplies and equipment. This partnership enables RCOS to offer unrivalled cost management to you the customer with reductions of between 5 and 20% based on your preferred brand of product.

RCOS put ourselves in your shoes, we understand the wants and needs of business and our approach to delivering effective cost management enables our customers to focus on their core activities, objectives and goals. By working closely with our clients, combined team effort and vision allows us to make the invisible visible.

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Being green does actually matter

RCOS is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business. Green considerations are part of our decision-making in every part of our business. We promote an extensive range of green products; we evaluate the environmental practices and the green credentials of our suppliers; we continually review our own operations to ensure that we improve our performance against our green objectives.